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Send alert e-mail to your Cell Phone as text/SMS

Even though only the Temperature@lert Cellular Edition natively support text/SMS notification to cell phones, the other devices can be configured to use most cell providers' e-mail to SMS gateways. Here is how you can e-mail an SMS alert to your phone using some of the more common Canadian Cellular providers.  If you know of additional ones, or have problems with any of the settings below please let us know.

MTS Allstream Inc./ Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.

Send an e-mail to your phone using the following format:



Send an e-mail to your phone using the following format:


You will receive a 'Message Alert' when an e-mail is sent to your phone. Simply reply "read" to the Message alert if you want to receive the message, or reply "block" to the Message alert to block the sender from sending you future messages.

The following have not been tested by Futura GTS

Note that, some providers (such as Fido) are forcing the recipient to pay an extra monthly fee in order to receive e-mail to text messages.

[10digitnumber] (Bell & Solo, President's Choice) [10digitnumber] [10digitnumber] [10digitnumber] (Virgin Mobile) [10digitnumber] (PC Mobile) [10digitnumber] [10digitnumber] and [10digitnumber]

More options can be found at:

Further Information

There are some e-mail to text services, but the recipient or sender usually must sign up and pay for this service.