New Temp@lert Water and Flood Sensor

IT professionals have requested the ability to monitor not only temperature and humidity, but also for water problems around their sensitive equipment.  TemperatureAlert has come through again and now has a Flood Sensor available for use with their Cellular Edition.


Temp@lert Water Sensor

Now there is a tool that lets IT Professionals, Property Managers, Warehouse and Laboratory Facilities Personnel know when there’s a water leak due to a leaky roof, pipe, chilled water unit, or sprinkler very quickly, allowing them to take action before things get worse.

The TemperatureAlert Flood Sensor is engineered to avoid alerts due to condensation, helping prevent false alarms.

The Flood Sensor can be added to a new Cellular Edition unit or ordered for an existing device.  You can see the product on our Cellular Edition Accessories page.