WiFi Edition

Temperature@lert WiFi Temperature Monitoring System


Product Code: TM-WIFI350


Temperature@lert WiFi Edition 350 is a high-performance device that monitors the ambient temperature in your server room, office, lab, residence, commercial building, heating and air conditioning system or other points of interest and alerts you via email when the temperature rises or falls outside your acceptable range. The WiFi 350 can be configured with up to four temperature or special sensors for applications requiring monitoring of more than one area.

Temperature@lert’s WiFi 350 connects to your network via 802.11b/g wireless (or wired ethernet) and is powered by an included AC wall adapter – no computer is required during operation! The alert message can be sent continuously or just once when an alert is triggered. Real time graphing and XML support provide you with the tools you need to integrate temperature readings into websites and other third party applications.


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System Requirements: Any Current Web Browser for setup

Hardware Requirements: No PC Required (after setup)

Operating Range: -40ºC to +93ºC (- 40ºF to +200ºF)

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F)

Included: CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide, 6″ (1.8 m) External Temperature Sensor 110/240 VAC Adapter (North America Plug)